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December 21, 1911 Walter Collins received a patent for a parcel of land in Grant County, Kansas.

Copy of land patent issued to Walter Collins. Photo courtesy of

His allotment was in Section #30- NE 1/4 of the subdivision sectioned by the county. This chunk of land was Southwest of the town of Ulysses.

Above and Below: Grant County. The highlighted square is the subdivision containing the parcel of land issued to Walter Collins. Images courtesy of
The subdivision was broken down into sections. The Collins land was in Section 30. Image courtesy of

The closest neighbors to the Collins would be those who shared parcels inside Section #30. According to the records at, there were 3 people who had land in Section #30: Jesse Knapp, William Bland, and Nathan Boyd. Gladys fails to mention these neighbors in her diaries so it is likely that they kept to themselves and were occupied with farming and surviving the hardships of life in the 1930's.

Current day records regarding the Collins land are few and difficult to track down. The patent record showed the plat for the entire subdivision, including the section where the Collins made their home. Utilizing this plat record and identifying the boundaries of the subdivision, I was able to use Google Maps to recreate the subdivision with current satellite images. From there, I was able to locate what I believe is Section #30, and then subsequently, view the NE 1/4 portion of that section.

Satellite image of the NE 1/4 of Section #30 courtesy of Google Maps.

Today there are structures in the area of where the Collins Homestead would have been. It is unclear what the buildings are based on the satellite images. Likely they are some type of farming storage structures. What happened to the Collins home after their move to Lakin in 1937 is unknown. However, it is possible the land was purchased (along with other acreage) and turned into one large plot of farming land.

Closer view of the structures on the NE 1/4 of Section #30. Image from Google Maps.

I am sure that when their house was in its prime it reflected the care, love, and dedication of those who called it home.



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