September 1972

A Written Life
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September 1- Friday. Cloudy and cold. Rained a shower in evening. In bed most of the day. Sure haven’t felt very good. Got a nice letter from Mae.

September 2- Saturday. Cloudy and chilly. Felt better so got up and dressed. Worked on books in A.m. Cleaned up the house in P.M. Watched T.V. a lot. Oscar took sick in eve with flu.

September 3- Sunday. Nice. Rested and watched T.V. Still fluing.

September 4- Monday. Lovely day. We felt better today. I did the washing-was all I wanted to do. Oscar still had some temp this eve for awhile.

September 5- Tuesday. Nice. Canned 4 pts. tomatoes and did a little ironing. In P.M. went to town, to bank and post office etc. Church board meeting in evening.

September 6- Wednesday. Nice day. Felt better today. Didn’t accomplish much tho-did a little ironing. Wrote a letter to Mae. Went to church in eve. After church went over to Mr. Eds and had a malted milk with Mrs. Crosley and girls.

September 7- Thursday. Nice day. Finished up an ironing. We went to Healthmart and got some vitamins, to Gibson and got some pills, and out to Cookdale and got milk. Still coughing etc. Mailed letter to Mae.

September 8- Friday. nice but pretty warm. Finished up an ironing. Went to Dr. in P.M. Got B12 shot. Stopped at Browns and got gas and visited awhile.

September 9- Saturday. Nice but warm. Nice shower in evening. Didn’t feel very good. Usual Sat. work. Took in $9.50 in ironing money today.

September 10- Sunday. Nice day. Had 97 in S.S. We rested in P.M. and went to Church at night.

September 11- Monday. Nice. Washed clothes. Canned 7 pints tomatoes. In P.M. we pulled some weeds. In eve went to church to hear Mrs. Nelson, a missionary from the Panama Canal zone. Very good service.

September 12- Tuesday. Nice. Worked on an ironing. Cleaned my cook stove and baked 2 pie crusts. In P.M. went over to Bettys for awhile. Also stopped at Wills hunting Betty.

September 13- Wednesday. Nice. Made a couple pies for the Miller dinner. Went to Mr. Millers funeral in A.M. at our church and to Mr. Smiths funeral in P.M. Did a lot of ironing. Went to church at night.

September 14- Thursday. Cloudy and foggy and rainy in early A.M. Nice in P.M. Did a lot of ironing. Mr. and Mrs. Natrover were here in P.M. Mailed letter to Jankes, Pearls, and Clarence.

September 15- Friday. Nice but hot in P.M. Canned 7 qts. tomatoes in A.M. Didn’t feel too good so didn’t get much done. Oscar put spray around house for termites.

September 16- Saturday. Nice. Usual Sat. work. Mrs. Glover was here in A.M. Oscar finished spraying for termites. He fixed Mrs. Hills screens in P.M. Went down town and after milk. I visited on phone with Mrs. J. Smith.

September 17- Sunday. Nice. Had 114 in S.S. We rested in P.M. Went to church at night. The Insights singers were there. Very good service.

September 18- Monday. Nice. Canned tomatoes and did my ironing. Watered lawns with City water as no irrigation water. A man came and cut weeds. Sure looks better.

September 19- Tuesday. Worked outside all morning in the yard. Took Mrs. Hill and Glover to Ranch House for Mrs. Glover (93) birthday (they treated us) dinner. Then shopped a little. Stopped and visited at Hills before we came home.

September 20- Wednesday. Nice. Did some washing. Painted the front porch. Went to Church this evening.

September 21- Thursday. Nice and cool. Went tot own and paid up rest of Dr. bill and hospital bill. Got groceries. In P.M. canned 3 qts. beet pickles. Worked on poster for church in evening.

September 22- Friday. Nice. Canned 7 qt. tomatoes. In P.M. painted some more on house.

September 23- Saturday. Nice. Left home after 9 this morning and headed for the mountains to see the pretty Aspens. Got home little after 6. Pearl called saying they were coming tomorrow. Also Clarence called. Got check from Dept. of Agriculture. Went over to hospital and had a doctor look at Oscars throat.

September 24- Sunday. Nice. Had 103 in S.S. Pearl and Everet and Ed came and brought Mae and Lester. Had a real nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Tatman came also. We didn’t go to church at night.

September 25- Monday. Nice. Washed clothes in A.M. Then went to town. Oscar went to Dr. (Sore throat.) Went to store in P.M. and up to Mrs. Hills-took her eggs. Clarence called in evening to tell us that Clarence Leonard had a stroke and was in hospital.

September 26- Tuesday. Cloudy and cool in A.M. Cleared off in P.M. Made some watermelon pickles. Wrote a letter to Orpha. Gave Mrs. Glover a permanent in P.M.

September 27- Wednesday. Picked tomatoes and went to town in A.M. Oscar went to Dr. again for his throat. In P.M. we did some painting on house trim.

September 28- Thursday. Nice. Had irrigation water today so worked outside. In P.M. went to Dr. Wagner and had my eyes tested for new glasses. Mrs. Cornella got her ironing and brought another big basketful.

September 29- Friday. Cooler in A.M. but warmed up later. Worked outside in A.M. Mowed front lawn. In P.M. went to town again. Oscar had his suits cleaned. Got milk and groceries.

September 30- Saturday. Nice. Usual Sat. work. Did a little extra house cleaning. Oscar finished a little shelf thing for Mrs. DeHart and we took it out. Took Snooks to vet in eve and he gave her 2 shots and a pill and more pills to take.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.