October 1972

A Written Life
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October 1- Sunday. Nice day. Had 102 in S.S. Fellowship dinner after church. Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Bowman from Bible College had the service today. In evening after church we went over to Palmers and had cake and cocoa.

October 2- Monday. Nice. Did a lot of ironing. Mrs. Cornella came and got her clothes that I had ready. Betty D. came over and bought some “junk” from us. $30 worth.

October 3- Tuesday. Nice day. Finished up ironing. Edna P. came up in P.M. and fixed my hair. Devere was here a few minutes.

October 4- Wednesday. Cloudy and hazy. Washed a load of laundry. Canned some tomato juice. Went over to Florence in A.M. and got 2 new pair of shoes. Salesman from Reserve Life were here and took out some more insurance. Went to Church at night. Missionary Meeting.

October 5- Thursday. Cloudy and nice. We worked outside about all day. Put cement south of the shop. Also irrigated lawn. Church board meeting at night.

October 6- Friday. Cloudy and chilly all day. In A.M. went to town. Got my new glasses and paid bills. Worked around at odds and ends today. Didn’t really accomplish much but was tired from yesterday’s work.

October 7- Saturday. Frost last night but warmed up pretty nice. Did a big washing and usual Sat. work. Oscar made side boards for pick up.

October 8- Sunday. Cloudy part of the day, raining tonight. Had 97 in S.S. In P.M. we called on the Allens, Mr. Wall, Mrs. Russell, and Mrs. Rose. Church at night.

October 9- Monday. Lovely day. Did some ironing in A.M. In P.M. did some painting on the shop and Oscar painted on the house.

October 10- Tuesday. Lovely day. Worked outside about all day mowing lawns. They really look nice. Mailed letters to Mae and Luella. Oscar finished painting trim on north side of house.

October 11- Wednesday. Nice. Canned 8 qt of tomato juice. Oscar loaded trash on pickup and we went to the dump in P.M. Ray Dawkins came and painted the south gable end of the house in P.M.

October 12- Thursday. Cloudy but nice. Went grocery shopping in A.M. Also took some tomatoes up to Mrs. Hill. In P.M. went to town. Got Oscar pills and milk etc.

October 13- Friday. Lovely day. Cooked a big pumpkin and made some pies. Did a little cleaning. In P.M. took a pie up to Mrs. Hills. Visited with the Sherrills a little. Oscar wen tout to Cornella’s a little while to help him about cabinet work. Orville P. and Mr. Bergman were here.

October 14- Saturday. Cloudy and chilly most of the day. Did some washing. Made 2 aprons for Mrs. Hill. Took them up in P.M. and met Mrs. Lane at Hills.

October 15- Sunday. Cloudy and chilly in A.M. but turned out nice. Had 101 in S.S. Went to Mae’s for dinner. Pearl, Everet, and Vernard came. Then we all went over to Ted’s open house for Linda and Dave and baby. Then we stopped at Bruce Halls a few minutes. Wen tot Church at night. Clarence called awhile ago.

October 16- Monday. Nice. Went over to Devere’s in A.M. and stayed until after lunch. Did some washing in P.M.

October 17- Tuesday. Nice. Did odds and ends today. Oscar went with Tony Strainer and Orville P. this morning. Mailed a letter to Orpha.

October 18- Wednesday. Cloudy, rainy day. Sewed on a dress about all day. Went down town in P.M. after zipper etc. Went to chili supper at Fellowship hall then prayer meeting in evening.

October 19- Thursday. Cloudy and cold all day. Sewed on my dress and finally got it done. In P.M. we went after milk then stopped at the new Alco store and looked around awhile.

October 20- Friday. Foggy in A.M. but cleared off nice. Went up to Golden Bell with Beulah and Eulah and Mrs. Swisher to a N.W.M.S. rally-real interesting.

October 21- Saturday. Up at Golden Bell until afternoon. Came back by Colo. Springs and stopped at Lewis’ new home. Brought Jami along. Tired tonight.

October 22- Sunday. Had 104 in S.S. Clarence called in P.M. in hospital with another heart attack. We visited Coles in late P.M. and church at night. Eunice Phillips and her dad was at church this morning and Eunice had the morning service. Took up money for our missionary expenses. Raining at night.

October 23- Monday. Nice. Worked for Devere all day cleaning house.

October 24- Tuesday. Nice. Went over to Devere’s again and worked all day cleaning house. Got a letter from Orpha. Talked on phone to Clarence in hospital. He seems to be getting along alright.

October 25- Wednesday. Lovely fall day. Worked at Devere’s till after 3. Went to Church at night.

October 26- Thursday. Lovely day. Wrote a letter to Mae and defrosted the refrig in A.M. In P.M. Betty Daily came over and bought some more stuff $28 worth. We went to town in P.m. Stopped at Palmers and looked at a piano. Got groceries.

October 27- Friday. Cloudy and chilly. Did some cleaning. They brought the piano out this late P.M. and got the old one. Then we straightened up the front room. I went to a baby shower for Barbara Webb in eve. Went with Mrs. Sharrell.

October 28- Saturday. Cloudy and misty in A.M. but cleared off. Oscar and Mr. Bergman hauled some fertilizer for them. Usual Sat. work.

October 29- Sunday. Cold in early A.M. but warmed up. Had 112 in S.S. In P.M. Mrs. Hill and Glover were her a while. After they left we went out to Breedloves. Church at night. Rode with Sherrills then they came in and visited awhile after church.

October 30- Monday. Snowy and cold all day. We went to town in A.M. Went over to Palmers store and paid for the piano. Stamped off some quilt blocks to paint for a little quilt. Mrs. Cornella brought some ironing so got started on that.

October 31- Tuesday. Cold and snowy all day. Finished up an ironing and did some painting on quilt blocks. Got a letter from Mae.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.