November 1972

A Written Life
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November 1- Wednesday. Still cold-cleared off nice in late P.M. Didn’t really accomplish much today.

November 2- Thursday. Lovely day. Snow melted a lot. Did a big washing. Did some cleaning in shop in P.M.

November 3- Friday. Nice. Usual work. Oscar dis some work for Veida Hickey. The Bergmans were here a few minutes in P.m. and brought us some pumpkin bread. It is real good.

November 4- Saturday. Nice. Usual Sat. work. Clarence called this eve. He got home from the hospital today.

November 5- Sunday. Nice. Had 110 in S.S. In P.M. we called on the Hands. Church at night-after church went to fellowship hall for refreshments.

November 6- Monday. Nice. Didn’t get much done today. Went to town in P.M. Went to Dr. Got a B12 shot. He said Oscar was doing fine. Oscar and Orville P. got a load of coal for them in A.M.

November 7- Tuesday. Election Day. Nice day. Worked in shop on a rocking chair. Went to town in P.M. for a few minutes. Also had my coats cleaned. Went over to Woods in late P.M.

November 8- Wednesday. Nice. Raining tonight. Went to town in A.M. Church at night. Got a letter from Aunt Eva.

November 9- Thursday. Windy, chilly, and partly cloudy but cleared off nice in P.M. Washed and ironed and got things ready to go to Kans. Oscar went to Hospital to see Bro. Crosley but he was sleeping after his surgery.

November 10- Friday. Came to the farm. Had a nice trip down.

November 11- Saturday. Pretty nice. Worked all day cleaning house. Cleaned up the front bedroom and front room.

November 12- Sunday. Cloudy and misty and cold. Rained in P.M. Snowed in night.

November 13- Monday. Stormy. Jim Kepley came over in P.M. and brought the mail. Did some cleaning.

November 14- Tuesday. Cold. Cleaned house. Cleaned middle bedroom.

November 15- Wednesday. Cold. Clarence and Oscar went to Johnson and got groceries. I cleaned the Northeast room.

November 16- Thursday. Chilly. In P.M. we took clothes to Ulysses to Laundry and did a big washing.

November 17- Friday. Cloudy and chilly. Snowed a little. In late P.M. we went to Ulysses. Sold my share of corn. Got groceries. Ed Kepley was here in P.M.

November 18- Saturday. Snowy all day. In P.M. we went down to Orphas and ate supper in Gene and Beth’s trailer house. Had a nice time.

November 19- Sunday. Foggy and cloudy. Watched church services on T.V. In P.M. went up to Normas and ate supper with her and Allen.

November 20- Monday. Cloudy and foggy and snowy. Came home from Kans. Ate dinner in Las Animas and it started snowing and snowed all the way home but we had a nice trip. Had letter from Mae waiting for us. Snowed here all day.

November 21- Tuesday. Clear but chilly. Tired so didn’t get much done. Went to town in P.M. Went to bank, got gas and groceries. Worked on a poster this evening.

November 22- Wednesday. Nice. Did a big washing. In evening went to Union services at First Christian Church.

November 23- Thursday. Thanksgiving Day and our 39th Ann. Ate dinner at the Parsonage with the Crosleys, Burtons, Lockards. After dinner went for a plane ride.

November 24- Friday. Nice. Worked on little quilt for Baby Heather.

November 25- Saturday. Nice but chilly. Worked on crib quilt. Mrs. Glover was here in A.M. We got groceries in P.M. Clarence called us this evening. He was feeling pretty good. Still wet down there.

November 26- Sunday. Nice but windy. Had 98 in S.S. Fellowship dinner and Church at night.

November 27- Monday. Snowy and cold today. Worked on little quilt and finished it. Mrs. Sherrill called this eve. They just got home from a trip.

November 28- Tuesday. Cold! In P.M. we went to hospital and visited Bob Bottoms. Painted some pot holders. Got a pretty card from the Breedloves so called her on phone.

November 29- Wednesday. Nice but cold. Went to Pueblo with Eula and Beulah and Wade to the K-Mart store and shopped all day. Had a nice time. Went to Church in evening.

November 30- Thursday. Nice. Washed clothes. Went shopping in P.M. out to Alco and Gibsons.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.