May 1972

A Written Life
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May 1- Monday. Nice but chilly wind. Irrigated. Oscar had another appointment with the dentist. Orville P. was here in P.M. Clarence left for home after 3.

May 2- Tuesday. Chilly. Ironed some. Went with Oscar to Doctor in A.M. Oscar went with Earl and got some pipe in P.M. In eve went to church board meeting.

May 3- Wednesday. Lovely day. Fixed 7 pts of asparagus for the freezer and painted 2 front windows in A.M. Reset tomato plants in P.M. and took a nap. Went to Missionary Meeting in eve. Came home and finished up an ironing. Oscar called Mae and Lester.

May 4- Thursday. Nice. Worked outside a lot. In P.M. went to town. Oscar went to Dr. Tuttle.

May 5- Friday. Cloudy all day. Started raining in afternoon and still raining tonight. Got the lawn mowed, then a man came and put in out storm windows. In P.M. we went out to Gibsons and also to grocery store. Went to special board meeting tonight about building a new parsonage.

May 6- Saturday. Rained all day. Fixed Mrs. Hills dress and finished up some work for Devere. Usual Sat. work.

May 7- Sunday. Cleared off in A.M. then rained a nice shower in P.M. Had 131 in S.S. (32 visitors) Devere came by and we went to the parade with her. Church at night.

May 8- Monday. Cloudy in A.M. but cleared off so did a big washing. In P.M. put fertilizer on the lawn.

May 9- Tuesday. Cloudy and cool all day. Did my ironing in A.M. We went over to Strainers and got some pansy plants. Worked outside in P.M. Pulled weeds etc. Mrs. Russell brought a big ironing.

May 10- Wednesday. Cloudy all morning. Partly cleared in P.M. Ironed all morning. Oscar got window for pick up and sticker on it. Got letter from Mae. Went up to the store in P.M. Went to Church in eve with the Sherrills.

May 11- Thursday. Nice in A.M. but clouded up and rained some. Went to town in A.M. Finished an ironing and worked in garden. Wrote a letter to Mae and Lester this eve.

May 12- Friday. Nice. They mowed the lawn in A.M. I cleaned up the house. We worked in garden in P.M. Had a nice shower in evening.

May 13- Saturday. Cloudy most of day and chilly wind. Ironed 7 dresses in A.M. Went to Big Three store. Fixed some spinach for freezer. Tried to work outside some in P.M. but too tired to stay out very long.

May 14- Sunday. Nice. Had 105 in S.S. Mrs. Hill and Glover ate dinner with us. We drove around a little in P.M. Saw the Springles over at a new house. I didn’t feel very good today-sore throat etc. Oscar went to Church but I stayed home this eve.

May 15- Monday. Lovely day: felt better, washed clothes, irrigated the lawn, and worked outside cutting grass off the south bank. Mrs. Bergman called this eve on phone. Devere was here a few minutes in P.M.

May 16- Tuesday. Nice. Fixed spinach for the freezer. In P.M. went to Dr. Tuttle and Oscar got his new dentures. My back has hurt bad all day and my cold still hangs on.

May 17- Wednesday. Nice day but I spent most of it on the bed on the heat pad. My back sure did hurt all day. Oscar went to Church this eve. Election of officers. Edna Persinger was here in P.M.

May 18- Thursday. Nice day. Felt a little better so got up and dressed. Wrote to Cora and Norma. Rev. Crosley called in P.M. a few minutes. Back still hurts.

May 19- Friday. Cloudy a lot of the day. Wrote some letters. My back better but still hurts some. They mowed the lawn this morning. Oscar did a little cutting on the bank by the shop.

May 20- Saturday. Nice day. Went up to Sherrills in A.M. and she trimmed my hair. Picked the spinach. My back hurt too much to get much work done. Mailed letter to McKinneys. Went to store and got groceries.

May 21- Sunday. Lovely day. Had 111 in S.S. We stayed home and rested in P.M. and went to Church at night.

May 22- Monday. Cloudy and cool. Rained showers. We worked in garden in A.M. irrigating. Water lawn and flowers in P.M.

May 23- Tuesday. Nice. Worked in yard in A.M. on bank (set out a lot of plants.) In P.M. finished up a big ironing. In eve went up to Mrs. Hills and visited awhile. Oscar went to dentist and had his teeth worked on.

May 24- Wednesday. Nice. Washed clothes, picked and froze spinach. In P.M. went over to Deveres then went out to the dump. Stopped by the place that McKae are fixing up. Went to church tonight.

May 25- Thursday. Nice. Worked in yard-irrigated. Went grocery shopping in A.M. Tow men from Reserve Life were here. Brought a policy but advised us not to take it so we didn’t.

May 26- Friday. Nice. Went down to Edna’s in A.M. and got a permanent. They mowed our lawn in P.M. Did my ironing. Looked stormy in eve but just sprinkled a little.

May 27- Saturday. Nice. Worked in yard in A.M. Devere wanted us to go to Cemetery with her so we did then went out to Western Hills and had a little to eat. Cleaned some in P.M.

May 28- Sunday. Nice day, cool. Cloudy tonight. Had 104 in S.S. Rested in P.M. Church at night. Drove by the new parsonage then stopped and visited with Gladys Alfrey awhile.

May 29- Monday. Cloudy and chilly today. Irrigated. Planted 4 rows of beans in the garden. In evening rode thru the cemetery to see the pretty flowers. Jerry Bratton was here and Oscar helped him on his camper.

May 30- Tuesday. Cloudy all morning. I ironed several shirts and put some spinach in freezer. Jerry B. came out and plowed our garden in A.M. Devere was here in P.M. Went to S.S. board meeting in eve. Oscar went to Dr. Hurbiman and got some medicine for his sore jaws.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.