June 1972

A Written Life
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June 1- Thursday. Nice-got pretty warm. We worked outside a lot irrigating and getting ready to plant more garden. Mae and two of her friends came for a little while in P.M. My cold makes me feel miserable.

June 2- Friday. Nice and warm. Finished up an ironing. Worked outside this eve. Set out some tomato plants. Mr. McCaleb was here in P.M.

June 3- Saturday. Nice. Got up early and set out tomato plants and mulched the potatoes. In P.M. rested then cleaned up the house a little and went to store.

June 4- Sunday. Nice. Had 112 in S.S. We stayed home in P.M. and irrigated the garden and lawn. Went to Church at night. Good services.

June 5- Monday. Nice. Worked in yard about all morning. In P.M. went to bank. Went to Dr. Christie for Oscar’s checkup. Also had him check me. Got some medicine for my cold. Went to board meeting in evening.

June 6- Tuesday. Nice. Worked outside a lot today. In evening went to Lincoln Park Church to hear a missionary from Ramah, New Mexico-also to Insights singers. very good.

June 7- Wednesday. Nice day. Washed and ironed. Went to hospital in A.M. and had X-rays made. Went out to Gibsons and got some medicine. Oscar has sore throat so we didn’t go to church tonight.

June 8- Thursday. Nice day. Irrigated. Mrs. Barnett came over and brought some material for me to make her some curtains. Oscar has a bad sore throat.

June 9- Friday. Nice day. Picked the first peas and fixed spinach for freezer then went to Dr.’s office and sat for 2 hrs. Oscar got medicine for his throat and I got some for my trouble. Wrote to Mae and Aarons this eve. Cleaned weeds out of flower bed.

June 10- Saturday. Nice day. Cleaned up the house in A.M. In P.M. washed my hair and did some ironing. Everett and Rose came and visited awhile. Oscar real sick tonight. Dr. came out and gave him big shot of penicillin. Frank and Babe brought us some 7 up and visited awhile.

June 11- Sunday. Nice day. Oscar felt better today. Home all day. Hazens came over a few minutes in P.M. Talked to Clarence on phone this eve.

June 12- Monday. Nice. Clouded up in P.M. and got cool but no rain. Irrigated everything today. In evening David and Charlotte Burrows came out and visited.

June 13- Tuesday. Rained a little. Cloudy most of the P.M. Washed clothes and went to town in A.M. In P.M. did an ironing. Set out some flower plants in eve.

June 14- Wednesday. Nice day. Picked peas and put 8 pints in freezer. Marvin Howard and helper cut some weeds in back yard. Did our ironing and cut out some curtains for Harriet.

June 15- Thursday. Irrigated and worked outside some. Sewed on curtains some in P.M. The Lockhards came over in evening.

June 16- Friday. Nice. Had nice shower in P.M. Finished up the curtains. Went to town in A.M. Worked in yard some in eve.

June 17- Saturday. Nice. Picked peas and chard for the freezer. Usual Sat. work. Took curtains over to Barnetts. Oscar got card and letter from Cora.

June 18- Sunday. Nice. Had 71 in S.S. Bro. Pearson preached. Went over to Coles in P.M. Went to Union services in eve at football field. Chaplain from Air Force preached. Went to Mr. Ed’s with the Lockhards and had malts.

June 19- Monday. Nice but hot. Got up early and started working in the garden and irrigating. The Wilsons stopped by a few minutes in afternoon.

June 20- Tuesday. Nice after about 1/2 in. rain last night. Ironed for Mrs. Russell. Washed and ironed for us. Oscar went to Pueblo with Orville P. Devere was here in P.M. Also Mrs. Barnett came over a few minutes.

June 21- Wednesday. Nice but got windy in P.M. Worked outside a lot getting weeds out of the north side of the yard. Went to church at night. Rev. Lockhard had charge. Mrs. Cornella came and got her ironing and brought some more.

June 22- Thursday. Nice but hot. Picked peas and put 5 pts in freezer. Watered lawn and flowers. Didn’t feel very good today.

June 23- Friday. Hot. We cleaned 4 windows this A.M. My back hurt so had to quit and go to bed. Devere came over in eve with some hamburgers and we ate in back yard.

June 24- Saturday. Hot! Usual Sat. work. Cleaned a couple windows. Got groceries and milk in P.M. Clarence called this evening. They had bad hail storm which got the wheat crop. Mrs. Elmer Hennigh had died.

Grave for Mrs. Elmer Hennigh as referenced by Gladys in her June 24,1972 entry. Photo is courtesy of https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/21471099/anna-ethel-hennigh.

June 25- Sunday. Hot! Had 81 in S.S. Rev. McColliam preached both services. We irrigated the garden in P.M. After church visited Paul and Wade.

June 26- Monday. Nice. Worked in yard and irrigated lawns and flowers. Finished cleaning windows. My head ached about all day today. Oscar helped me make a poster this eve for church.

June 27- Tuesday. Nice. Took off the day and went with Devere and Janetta Johnson to Lake Isabell and Beulah. Had a nice time.

June 28- Wednesday. Hot again. Ironed about all day. Went to church tonight. Heard reports from the General Assembly for the Palmers and Gookins.

June 29- Thursday. Hot. Rained a shower this eve. Watered the lawn and flowers and cleaned the cellar. Oscar fixed a fence for the climbing beans.

June 30- Friday. Nice. We went up to the Springs and visited Delorace. Took her out to dinner then visited until about 4:30 then went over to Mae and Lesters and ate supper with them. A very pleasant day.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.