July 1972

A Written Life
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July 1- Saturday. Nice, tried to rain but only got a few sprinkles. Washed clothes and ironed. Also cleaned the rug. Oscar helped do that. Art Smith and wife were here in P.M. Then we went grocery shopping and got milk. In eve went over and visited Everett and Rose Wilson.

July 2- Sunday. Nice day. Shower in eve. Had 107 in S.S. Visited Mrs. Hill and Glover in P.M. Church at night. Pastor talked about the General Assembly.

July 3- Monday. Rained al day (off and on.) Worked some on book and painted on pillow cases. Went to town in P.M. to bank and paid bills. Chilly this eve so Oscar lit the heater.

July 4- Tuesday. Cloudy and foggy and chilly day. Finished painting some pillow cases and ironed a lot of clothes. Baked some rolls. The Bergmans called this P.M. We went to the fireworks in eve. It was chilly but the show was pretty good. Temp 52.

July 5- Wednesday. Nice. Finished an ironing then washed front room curtains. Went to church this eve. Not many there but had a very interesting service.

July 6- Thursday. Cloudy part of the day. Showers. Worked in yard a lot today. Oscar helped Charley Kline fix a sliding door. Devere came over in eve and we went and got hamburgers.

July 7- Friday. Nice. Showers in P.M. Cleaned the bedroom. Washed curtains. In eve worked in yard some. Had a headache all day. Oscar went to Dr.’s for check up.

July 8- Saturday. Hot! Washed in P.M. Went out to Gibsons after medicine and to Cookdale and got milk. Stopped at store and got groceries. Didn’t feel good today my head and stomach hurt.

July 9- Sunday. Hot but nice. Had 76 in S.S. Lots of the folks went to Denver to Camp Meeting. Went to Church at night. Good service. Then went over to the fellowship hall for awhile. Had ice tea and popcorn.

July 10- Monday. Hot but nice. Irrigated and hoed weeds. In P.M. went out to see Mrs. Wilks with Mrs. Tatman. Oscar went over to the parsonage tonight so they could use his pickup to move.

July 11- Tuesday. Hot! Worked on an ironing then fixed supper for the Crosleys. Listened to Dem. Convention.

July 12- Wednesday. Hot! Finished up an ironing in A.M. Devere came over and I rolled up her hair. Went to church in eve. Good service. Got a letter from Mae.

July 13- Thursday. Hot. Irrigated as usual. In evening set out some rose moss and petunia plants south of the house.

July 14- Friday. Hot! Washed and ironed. Went to Church board meeting in eve. Mailed a letter to Orpha.

July 15- Saturday. Cloudy, foggy and rainy when we got up this morning. Stayed cloudy and chilly all day. Usual Sat. work. Went to town in P.M. got groceries and milk.

July 16- Sunday. Nice. S.S. and Church in A.M. In P.M. called on Mr. Wall. Church at night.

July 17- Monday. Nice today. Worked outside nearly all day. Irrigating and hoeing etc.

July 18- Tuesday. Nice. Got hot in P.M. Went over to Palmers in A.M. to a meeting of the Missionary Council with Mrs. Sherrill. Then we took Mrs. Cornellas ironing out to them. In eve we cut and pulled a lot of weeds. Head ached again this eve.

July 19- Wednesday. Hot again. Did some ironing. Went to town in P.M. Paid last 1/2 of taxes. Visited Bob Bottoms a little while. Went to Church in evening.

July 20- Thursday. Cloudy and cool in A.M. So we worked on weeds out back. It rained in P.M. and raining again tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer called on us this evening. I went up to Mrs. Hill’s in A.M. for a few minutes.

July 21- Friday. Nice but hot. Went over in A.M. and gave Mrs. McCaleb a permanent. In P.M. went down town then out and got milk. Came home and finished an ironing.

July 22- Saturday. Nice. Usual Sat. work. Devere was here in P.M. then we went over to her house and Oscar fixed a window for her. Patti Russell came and got her ironing.

July 23- Sunday. Hot! Had 99 in S.S. The Hazens ate dinner with us. After Church this eve we went to the fellowship hall for cookies and ice tea and fellowship.

July 24- Monday. Nice but hot. Irrigated. Did some ironing. Lentford and Alta stopped by for a little while after dinner. Went to Mr.McCalebs funeral at 2pm.

July 25- Tuesday. Hot again. Didn’t feel good today so didn’t get much done. Finished up an ironing for Shirley Kissinger. Devere was here in P.M. a few minutes.

July 26- Wednesday. Hot. Canned 4 qt beet pickles. Made a lemon cake dessert. Devere came over and got some of it. Went to Church at night.

July 27- Thursday. Nice but hot. Irrigated lawn and flowers. Baked raisin cookies for Mrs. Crosley for their open house for Sun. Went up to Dakan’s a few minutes to see her flowers this eve then over to see Mrs. Hill and Glover.

July 28- Friday. Nice. Painted windows in back porch and back door. In eve went over to Deveres and ate supper with her. She gave me some material for a dress. Mailed a letter to Clarence.

July 29- Saturday. Nice but hot. Did our laundry. Oscar hung a storm door on back porch. He went to Dierks auction in P.M.

July 30- Sunday. Hot! Had 89 in S.S. In P.M. went to open house at the new parsonage then to hospital to see Mrs. Wilks, then out and visited Mrs. Rose awhile. Church in eve. Temp 100 today.

July 31- Monday. Hot again. Picked about a bushel of beans and canned 14 qts. Irrigated. Oscar helped do the irrigating. Betty Daily and Wanda were here a few minutes in A.M.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.