Golden Dreams and Dusty Nightmares

Map of Kansas circa 1910. Image courtesy of
Kepley auto garage. Clarence Collins frequently took the family car here to be serviced and was close friends with the Kepley boys. Photo courtesy of
Ulysses District 1 Schoolhouse. Ulysses, Kansas. Photo courtesy of
Hotel Edwards in Ulysses, KS. Photo courtesy of
Claude Pearce (family friend mentioned by Gladys Collins multiple times) cutting wheat circa 1935. Photo courtesy of
Massive dust storm descends on Ulysses, KS 04/14/1935. That day became known as ‘Black Sunday.’ Photo courtesy of Historic Adobe Museum, Ulysses, Kansas.



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A Written Life

A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.