December 1972

A Written Life
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December 1- Friday. Nice today. Did some ironing. Made a candle. Made some carrot bread. Orville Persinger was here in P.M. and the Bergmans stopped in for awhile. Got a letter from Mae.

December 2- Saturday. Nice-little windy. Did some washing. Went overto thte church and worked on Christmas decorations till 3. The Millers and Ruby Owens, Gookins, and us.

December 3- Sunday. Cold and foggy all day. Freezing mist tonight. Had 108 in S.S. Good church service. I decorated a couple of candles in P.M. Church at night.

December 4- Monday. Icy this morning but warmed up to 40. Started writing Christmas letters and worked on candles. Went to the Courthouse lawn to a tree lighting service this eve. It was raining. Now is snowing and cold.

December 5- Tuesday. Cold and snowy till in P.M. it cleared off. 12 below now at bed time. Got a lot of Christmas cards and letters written.

December 6- Wednesday. Still cold. 16 below last night. Got up to 10 above today. Worked on Christmas cards and got most of them mailed. Moon shot tonight.

December 7- Thursday. Clear and warmer today. Usual work. Washed a few clothes in P.M. Oscar and Orville P. got some coal in P.M. In eve went to fellowship hall to help with shower for Karen Lyons.

December 8- Friday. Cold again. Light snow during the night. Made some carrot bread in A.M. In P.M. we went over to Deveres and helped her fix her wreath for her window. Clarence called this evening.

December 9- Saturday. Cold and snowy at times. Cleaned the dish cupboard in A.M. Don’t get much accomplished these cold days. Oscar went with Orville P. after milk. We talked on the phone to Mae this morning.

December 10- Sunday. Cold! Below zero, only 10 to 12 above at best today. Had 82 in S.S. Board meeting before Church this evening. Good service tonight.

December 11- Monday. Temp got up to 20 today but snowing hard tonight. I got some pkgs wrapped-lap robes for the nursing home. Oscar and Orville P. went over to Florence in A.M. about our stove. In P.M. he went with Bro. Crosley to see about some rugs for the church.

December 12- Tuesday. Clear and cold. Had 10 in. of snow during the night. I baked some bread today and cleaned some cupboards. Two men from the gas company came out and talked about a furnace. We don’t want one like we would have to get.

December 13- Wednesday. Warmer today. Did a little washing. A man came nad plowed out our driveway and backyard so we could get the car out. Took a quilt down to the Courthouse for the family who lost their trailer house. Took the clock to Pearsons, then got groceries. Went to Church tonight-got stuck in the snow in front of the Church.

December 14- Thursday. Nice but still cold. Went over to fellowship hall in A.M. Helped sack the S.S. treats. In P.M. decorated a money for the pastors Christmas and in evening we went over to Palmers to our class party. Had a real nice time.

December 15- Friday. In A.M. went with Nancy Werner shopping for gifts for church. In P.M. did some decorating in the house. Bessie Bergman called in eve, they had been to the Springs and visited Cora.

December 16- Saturday. Pretty nice today. Snow melted a lot. Usual Sat. work. Went to town in P.M. did a little Christmas shopping.

December 17- Sunday. Nice. Temp up to 50. Had Christmas program at Church in A.M. In P.M. went over to Harding Manor and took the lap robes then visited Mrs. Hill and Glover.

December 18- Monday. Nice after the clouds cleared off. Temp to 50. Did some washing. Oscar did some wiring, put in a new plug in back of the stove.

December 19- Tuesday. Nice. They brought out our new stove in A.M. In P.M. went down and paid for it. Got gas in car and got groceries. Decorated a cake and did some cleaning this eve. Talked on phone to Mae.

December 20- Wednesday. Nice. We went to the Springs and visited Mae and Lester and over to Mrs. Hayhurst’s home to see Cora. Had a nice time.

December 21- Thursday. Nice. Went to town in A.M. a few minutes. Got some squash from the Woods and cooked it in P.M. Oscar went with Orville P. after coal in P.M.

December 22- Friday. Nice. Did some cleaning. Waxed kitchen floor. Had several phone calls.

December 23- Saturday. Nice. In A.M. we took Devere over to Penrose to Cemetery and out to Lakeside to put wreaths out. Busy about all P.M. Clarence called this evening.

December 24- Sunday. Nice day. Had 97 in S.S. No church tonight. We were home all afternoon. Baked a couple squash pies. Read some this evening.

December 25- Monday. Nice, only wind chilly. Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Glover ate Christmas dinner with us. We had turkey etc. Thought maybe Clarence would come out but he didn’t.

December 26- Tuesday. Real nice today. Washed clothes and started to make my new jumper. Oscar and Orville P. went to Pueblo. We went out in eve and drove around to see the pretty lights.

December 27- Wednesday. Lovely day. Usual work. Tried to work on my jumper. Oscar helped David Burrows today. Went to Church at night. Not many out.

December 28- Thursday. Nice. Did some sewing. Agnes brought a big basket of clothes to be ironed. Oscar helped David again today.

December 29- Friday. Cold. Started snowing in P.M. Went to town in A.M. and got some buttons and zippers for my dresses I’m working on. Oscar got his hair cut in P.M. Sewed on my blouse in eve. Ironed 10 dresses today for Mrs. Cornella.

December 30- Saturday. Cold today. Did some ironing in A.M. Finished my blouse and jumper in afternoon and evening. Talked to Clarence on phone. Still muddy down there.

December 31- Sunday. Cold all day. Had 90 in S.S. Harry and Eula came over in P.M. a little while, then we went down and fixed the Communion table for tonights service. After Church, went over to Gookins until after midnight.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.