August 1972

A Written Life
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August 1- Tuesday. Pretty warm. Did an ironing. Went up to Mrs. Hills a little bit in A.M. Went over to Palmers in eve to a picnic supper. Had a lot of fun.

August 2- Wednesday. Warm again. Wind in P.M. Picked the beans and canned 10 qts. Went to Church in evening. Missionary Meeting.

August 3- Thursday. Pretty nice. Tried to shower in P.M. Irrigated. Went to town in P.M. Got a B12 shot from Tiny Str. Went to church board meeting in eve.

August 4- Friday. Went to the Springs. Took a gift for Donna’s baby and took Mae some vegetables. Visited with Cora awhile. Got home about 5 o’clock. Had a hard rain little over an inch in evening.

August 5- Saturday. Nice but got hot. Did the laundry and cleaned up the house. Rested in P.M.

August 6- Sunday. Nice. Had 108 in S.S. Rested in P.M. then went over to Coles awhile, then to church. After church went out to Shattuck and ate ice cream.

August 7- Monday. Hot again. Picked beans and canned 14 qts. Ruth and Bill Miller came in evening and got some rose moss. Mr. and Mrs. DeHart came in eve for a little while.

August 8- Tuesday. Nice. Shower in P.M. Did an ironing for Roberta and started on another for her mother. Went to the 4-H fair this eve. Saw the exibits and the prize winner dogs, skeet, steers, and horses.

August 9- Wednesday. Hot! Picked the climbing beans. Worked on an ironing. Had a headache good part of the day. Oscar helped David Burrows over to his house. Went to church at night.

August 10- Thursday. Hot again. Canned some beans and made some pickles. Finished up an ironing. Did some irrigating.

August 11- Friday. Hot. Picked beans and canned 6 qts. Washed and ironed clothes. In P.M. a lady came and got her little dog which came here Mon. evening. Ethel Cordery came up in eve and we took her and Devere down to Kentucky Fried Chicken place and ate our supper.

August 12- Saturday. Hot again. Cleaned up the house and did some laundry. In late P.M. we got groceries and milk and got some overripe peaches for $1.25 and I canned 8 qts this eve.

August 13- Sunday. Nice but hot. Had 108 in S.S. Rested in P.M. Went up to Mrs. Hills in late P.M. just before church time. Went to church at night. Good service.

August 14- Monday. Nice. Picked beans and canned 14 qts. Salesman for Reserve Life was here. The Bergmans stopped by a few minutes-they brought us some tomatoes. Devere was here this eve.

August 15- Tuesday. Nice but hot. Did some laundry. Worked outside some in yard. Oscar helped over at the church, they moved some sod over to the new parsonage.

August 16- Wednesday. Went up to Cripple Creek by way of Phantom Canyon. Took Devere with us. Ate at Imperial Hotel. Stopped at the petrified forest then came home by way of Hartsel. Stopped at 8 mile and ate a sandwich for supper. It rained and was nice and cool. Enjoyed the day a lot.

August 17- Thursday. Worked in yard some in A.M. Irrigated.

August 18- Friday. Nice. Picked some beans, finished setting out Iris. Worked in yard in eve after it cooled off. Mailed a pkg. to Sharon and her husband. Did some laundry.

August 19- Saturday. Usual Sat. work. Went to Royal Gorge Park to a S.S. picnic in afternoon. Nice time and good supper.

August 20- Sunday. Nice. The little dog came back and woke us up at 5:30 this A.M. so took her home after 7. S.S. and Church in A.M. and Church at night.

August 21- Monday. Nice day not so hot. Irrigated. Mrs. Sherrill came and got some beans. The Spencers were here and got Iris’. We went grocery shopping.

August 22- Tuesday. Nice. Finished setting out Iris. Baked a cake and did some ironing. In P.M. got eggs at Valentines for Mrs. Hill then stopped at David B’s to see the new baby then got milk. Watched the Republican Convention tonight.

August 23- Wednesday. Nice day. Painted on the outside of the house and painted the front door. Mrs. Glover was here in P.M. Watched the Republican Convention in evening.

August 24- Thursday. Heavy clouds and cool in early A.M. but cleared off and was a lovely day. Watered lawn and flowers. Wrote a letter to Mae. Had several phone calls.

August 25- Friday. Nice. Went over to Woods in A.M. and gave her a permanent. Devere came over in eve and ate supper with us. Oscar went to Dr. for check up.

August 26- Saturday. Nice. Usual Sat. work. Oscar went over to the Church to work day. In P.M. we went over to the church to see about the watering. Stopped at Brattons then on to our shopping.

August 27- Sunday. Cloudy most of the day. Had 117 in S.S. Some College man from Yampa had morning service. We visited Mr. Wall and Mrs. Goodwin in P.M. Church at night.

August 28- Monday. Nice. Worked some on weeds in the garden and irrigated the lawn and flowers. In P.M. gave Mrs. Barnett a permanent.

August 29- Tuesday. Nice. Did some laundry. Made rolls. Started on an ironing in A.M. Oscar went up to DeWeese Lake with Orville P. and another guy. In P.M. he went out to Vieda’s. Went to Church at night. Revival with Rev. and Mrs. Bell started. Good singing and preaching.

August 30- Wednesday. Nice. Did some ironing in A.M. Got sick in P.M. Oscar took me to Dr. Sore throat and temp.



A Written Life

A chronological transcription of written entries from 3 antique journals/diaries belonging to 1 woman. Dates from 1933–1972.